Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New Web Site and Blog

The Bucher campaign has a new blog and Web site. The new blog is on the new Web site. Go to www.bucherforag.org to check it out.

Thanks for your interest!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Paul Wins Two Latest Straw Polls

Paul won the two latest straw polls (in Sheboygan and Kenosha)! We don't put enormous stock in straw polls overall but a few things jumped out at us:

1. Unlike in past straw polls, the general public was allowed to participate in these polls, which were taken at County fairs.

2. On top of the straw polls, Paul has growing momentum in the race, as evidenced by the fact that more law enforcement officials around the State keep endorsing him (more than 20 DAs are already endorsing him around the state - almost all Republicans - whereas his opponent repeatedly cites support from Democratic officials on the stump. More police chiefs and other law enforcement officials are supporting Paul every day).

3. Some really high-profile and respected Republicans have joined Paul's team recently. Steve King was a recent example; he's Paul's co-chair. But expect some other prominent announcements really soon.

The Sheboygan Press article on the Sheboygan results:

Health care tops straw poll at fair

Sheboygan Press staff

In a straw poll conducted at the Sheboygan County Fair by the Sheboygan County Democratic Party, the most important issues according to voters were universal health care, with 377 votes, and maintaining Social Security, with 321 votes, according to party leaders.

The Sheboygan County Republican Party conducted a straw poll at the fair asking voters which Republican candidates should challenge Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle and Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager.

In the 79-ballot straw poll, Scott Walker topped Mark Green to challenge Doyle, 68 percent to 26 percent; and Paul Bucher beat out J.B. Van Hollen to challenge Lautenschlager, 65 percent to 35 percent, according to the group’s news release.

Before voting for governor or attorney general in the straw poll, each elector had to show a valid ID, according to Drew MacEwen, chairman of the Sheboygan County Republican Party.

“We believe that elections should have integrity and be fair,” MacEwen said. “Obviously we weren’t worried about fraud in the straw poll, but it’s just to illustrate that we are committed to having ethical and fair elections.”

In the Kenosha County poll, Paul won with 52% of the vote.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

New pic

New pic of Annie. Taken today. She looks a lot like Paul!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Law enforcement endorsements continue rolling in...

The latest: Chief Rob Dahms from Greendale PD

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wagner praises Paul

In a lengthy discussion Thursday about the John Mercure investigation into men who allegedly showed up at a house rented by Channel 4 thinking they were meeting up with teenage girls, Milwaukee talk radio show host Jeff Wagner strongly praised Paul. Paul issued felony charges against three of the men this week. The charges continue Paul's long standing practice of not shying away from tough cases when charging them is the right thing to do. Mercure had previously rented a house in Milwaukee County but no charges resulted from that County.

Wagner, a former Republican candidate for Attorney General himself and a former federal prosecutor, praised Paul as a true "law-and-order prosecutor." Wagner noted that Mercure made the right decision to rent the house in Waukesha County, saying that any person who would want to maximize the impact of charges would know to do so in Waukesha County because of Paul's strong reputation as an aggressive prosecutor who does the right thing.

Another law enforcement endorsement

"I have had the opportunity to hear you speak at several conferences that I have attended over the years and have always been impressed with your character and prosecuting abilities," said CHIEF OF POLICE DAVID D. BEAL, EMMET-LEBANON POLICE DEPT, referring to Paul. Beal became the latest in a long list of law enforcement officials statewide to endorse Paul. While Paul's primary opponent repeatedly cites the endorsement of 16 Democratic DAs in the state, Paul has received the endorsement of more than 20 REPUBLICAN DAs in the state (not to mention other law enforcement officials).

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mercure's investigation

Paul charged three men today for allegedly going to a house rented by Channel 4 in Milwaukee, thinking they were going to meet underage girls for sexual purposes. Investigative reporter John Mercure has publicly stated that he rented the house specifically in Waukesha County because of Paul's reputation as a tough prosecutor. Mercure previously rented a house in Milwaukee County and did a similar sting there but the Milwaukee County DA's office wouldn't issue charges against the men who showed up.

In the TV account tonight, Mercure stated:

Criminal charges were issued today. Indeed, they were serious penalties, felonies….

DA Paul Bucher said something we all agree on, hopefully this is a wake up call to parents...

Paul stated in the report that the cases will be difficult ones to prove in court (then again, Paul has never shied away from a case because it's difficult if bringing it to a jury is the right thing). But he stated that he analyzed the circumstances and the backgrounds of the individuals before making a decision on charges. Mercure pointed out that two of the men have allegedly fled the state. Said Paul, "If they flee, we'll pick them up in another jurisdiction... you can run but you will not be able to hide..."

This case is indicative of how Paul has always run his office. He holds people responsible for their misbehavior. Period. Read the story on the case in the Journal Sentinel.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Common Sense

A photo ID for voting is common sense, writes a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel community columnist. The column is right on target.