Friday, April 15, 2005

Meeting The Maestro

We met Karl Rove twice recently - at the Lincoln Day dinners for Waukesha County and Walworth/Rock counties. Here are some impressions:

  • Rove should run for office himself! He is a great stump speaker. Everyone knows he's a political genius but he has a personal charm on the stump that would make him a good candidate.
  • We got our picture taken with him.
  • He was most interesting when he provided personal anecdotes about the Bushes, like about how Laura would lie on the sofa pretending to read during campaign strategy talks when everyone knew she was taking in every single word!
  • His analysis of Wisconsin's presidential race was interesting. He correctly pointed out that Wisconsin, despite going for Kerry, actually helped give the election to Bush. The reason: In the waning days of the election, Kerry was spending his time and resources in Wisconsin, once a reliably blue state -- time and resources he might otherwise have been spending in Ohio and Florida.