Friday, April 15, 2005

Our New Baby

It's official! Our new baby will be here by April 23. That's the date labor will be induced if the baby does not arrive by the due date of April 19. We don't know the gender.
  • If it's a girl, she will be named Anne Catherine, after Paul's deceased mother (Anne) and grandmother (Catherine). Paul's mother in particular was an incredibly strong force in his life. She raised six boys basically on her own.
  • If the baby is a boy, we are leaning toward Andrew William. The William is after Jessica's grandfather, a now 93-year-old blue collar gentleman who used to make maple syrup in the woods and instilled his love of reading in her.
We will let you know when the baby arrives.

The baby will join four siblings: Breanne, Tim, Chris, and Matty.