Friday, April 29, 2005

Paul Gets Wagner's #1 Right Stuff Award this week

Talk show host Jeff Wagner (620 AM - Milwaukee) just named Paul the recipient of his #1 Weekly Right Stuff Award. These awards are designed to recognize people who do the right thing in the community.

Wagner said he was giving Paul the #1 award for his handling of the Ted Oswald case, noting that two big decisions went Paul's way this week:

-Federal judge Lynn Adelman soundly rejected Oswald's double jeopardy motion against Paul (as did a state judge earlier in the week). Adelman and the state judge both said it had no merit.

-The state appeals court ruled that the state can use Oswald's past testimony, overruling a circuit judge.

Amazingly, the Journal Sentinel didn't report either of these developments, even though the paper has written many stories about Oswald's double jeopardy allegations, now soundly rejected.

Note: The paper retracted its false reporting this week that stated that Adelman overturned the case on judicial and prosecutorial error. This is totally false, as the paper admitted in a correction that ran Thursday. No court has overturned the case on prosecutorial error of any fashion - there has never been such a finding. It was overturned on judicial error only.