Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Paul was honored to be invited to give the keynote speech for Waukesha's Memorial Day ceremony this Monday. In the speech, surrounded by veterans, Paul encouraged people to appreciate and honor the sacrifices and service of those who died in combat but he also said people should take time to reach out to the "heroes walking among us" - fathers and grandfathers and brothers and sisters and so forth, who have quietly served and who are a fading away testament to our past.

Paul's father Erv was a World War II vet. Paul was raised by a single mother and his father came back into his life only shortly before he died a couple years ago. In that time, Paul told the crowd, he was able to learn about his own father's service for this country. Erv Bucher personally arrested and interrogated one of Hitler's top henchman, Julius Streicher, a man later hung at Nuremberg. Because he was of Swiss German descent, the Army recruited Erv, who spoke fluent German, to work as an interrogator and to do undercover missions in Germany at the height of the war. Erv didn't talk about this much, but as he was fading away, he told Paul a little about his service.

In his speech, Paul praised the service of all veterans, including those in the war in Iraq. As they say, freedom isn't free.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Left and Criminals

Why is the Left so quick to play the violin strings for criminals? Shouldn't we feel sorry for the victims of heinous offenses, not the defendant who pulled the trigger? Paul fights for victims.

It's becoming obvious that the left's spinmeisters have decided that Paul is the front runner in this race and are threatened that they will lose the AG's seat to him because of his strong record as a prosecutor winning cases and because of his longtime visible position in the population base/media market of SE Wisconsin. Case in point: Fringe hardcore leftie Joel McNally recently wrote that he feels sorry for convicted cop killer Ted Oswald. No one was thrilled about the verdict except Paul, he writes.

Note to Joel: The list of other people thrilled with the verdict include the widow of the heroic police captain slain by Oswald in cold blood, the heroic police officers on Oak Street who endured a barrage of bullets from the Oswalds' guns, and pretty much the rest of the community. Ted Oswald admitted shooting Capt. Lutz in the head - executing him. Yes, he had a bad childhood, but so did pretty much every homicide defendant who ends up in court. As Paul said in his closing argument, the person who didn't have a choice that day was Capt. Lutz, who never even got his foot off the brake when he was ambushed.

This sort of mindset - turn the criminal into the victim - is pretty laughable and is expected from the left. But it's important only for one reason: It underscores why we need to get a Republican in the AG's office.

Friday, May 27, 2005

More Police Support Paul

Law enforcement officers have always been big supporters of Paul. Adding to a long list of endorsements: The Elm Grove Police Association just endorsed Paul.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mention the drunk driving?

A local columnist raised questions about Paul raising the current AG's drunk driving incident in a fundraising call. Paul believes the current AG's behavior is a campaign issue (not only the drunk driving but the questions about the state car and how she handled the aftermath of the incident by refusing to take a blood test, etc.) because it speaks to leadership and integrity. As he said at the Republican convention, she sent a devestating message to all our kids when she chose to get behind the wheel of a state car and drink and drive. She mentioned in a press conference that a lot of people had said, "There but the grace of God go I", but that's not true. Drunk driving is a choice. She's the state's top cop and as a result needs to set a standard of leadership.

In addition, drunk driving has always been a big issue for Paul, something just recognized with a MADD award. As noted in an earlier posting, he helped form a task force to combat the problem back in 1998 because drunk driving is one of the biggest crime issues Waukesha County faces. He's also attended literally HUNDREDS of Dare graduations and created innovative programs in his office to deal with the problem. Paul has sat across the table from way too many grieving families who lost loved ones in drunk driving crashes to not take a stand on this now or to ignore it as an issue.

New Column

Read a new column by Paul's wife Jessica at www.wispolitics.com, Milwaukee Insight. It's on Sheriff Clarke's reemergence on the political scene.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Let retired cops carry guns?

So the current AG thinks that retired cops have to be trained and meet a state standard before the state should comply with a federal law that allows them to carry concealed weapons (like they may do in almost every other state).

As AG, Paul would not be an impediment on allowing this already federally-granted right.

Paul Gets "rising" mention

Wispolitics.com named Paul's political fortunes as "rising" this week due to his win in the Ted Oswald case.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

More Oswald Reax

Charlie Sykes writes of the Oswald verdict: "A victory for common sense."

Paul will be on Sykes' show live tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m.

Ted Oswald Found Sane

A jury just found Ted Oswald sane in the trial Paul prosecuted for killing a Waukesha police captain, bank robbery, hostage taking, and numerous other charges.

Talk show host Mark Belling just interviewed Paul live. Belling called the verdict an "absolute defeat for Ted Oswald..." and "an absolute total victory... a total victory for Paul Bucher."

The widow of the heroic police captain said at a live press conference: "I want to thank Paul and the team. It's fantastic. I witnessed their endeavor and dedication above and beyond the call of duty. We're lucky to have people like that..."

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Conservative Public TV: Oxymoron?

So, one of our Congressmen is upset because he thinks the new head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is trying to bring in Conservative programming.

This is the kind of Liberal handwringing that makes Conservatives laugh. They see Conservative Public TV as an oxymoron and wonder why Liberals aren't worried about the much more apparent Liberal programming on TV. Could it be because they are Liberals?


Friday, May 13, 2005

The guv's flip flop

So now Gov. Doyle is suddenly open to a proposal for requiring a Voter ID (sort of) at the polls. Three thoughts on this blatant flip-flop:

  • Like he did with the property tax freeze, Doyle is trying to take just enough of the Republican proposal to blunt voter anger in the gubernatorial race. He's also only supporting a very watered down proposal that doesn't accomplish enough. In other words, he's trying to have his cake and eat it too and he's hoping voters won't notice that the version he's supporting doesn't go far enough. After all, the proposal he's considering supporting would allow things without photos at the polls too - like utility bills.
  • How come the media only deride Republican politicians as flip-floppers (and unfairly so)? But when Dems flip blatantly they aren't called on it?
  • The Repubs continue to set the political agenda in the state as yet again Doyle is forced to acknowledge they are on the right side of the issues with citizens. He keeps trying to take the Repub playbook - without the meat.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Go figure

So Gov. Doyle supports a Photo ID for buying pseudoephedrine... but not for voting?

Go figure.

The criminal investigation into voting in Milwaukee found numerous areas of fraud this week. If that's not a case for a photo ID, what is? Contrary to the Democratic line, a photo ID WOULD have prevented (or made it harder to commit) some of the instances of fraud outlined, such as people voting under the names of dead people and from communities outside Milwaukee and with false names, etc.

It's getting more and more humorous watching the Dems twist themselves into pretzels to continue not supporting a Photo ID as all of their stated reasons for opposing it continue to evaporate.

John Mercure

John Mercure of Channel 4 TV in Milwaukee ran a really powerful investigative piece on Wednesday. He staked out a house where men showed up who allegedly had expected a teenage girl to be home alone. The men allegedly had been communicating with the girl - really Mercure - over the Internet in a sexual nature.

Anyway, Mercure in a radio interview on Thursday stated that Channel 4 purposely did the stakeout in Waukesha County. Why? Because of Paul. Several months ago, Channel 4 did the exact same story in Milwaukee County.

But Mercure said the Milwaukee County DA wouldn't prosecute. Mercure praised Paul and said that Channel 4 believes that Paul is far more likely to prosecute such offenses, basically because of his strong record as a prosecutor.

TV appearance

Paul's wife, Jessica, will appear on Charlie Sykes' TV show this Sunday on Channel 4. She is a regular panelist on both the Sykes and Belling TV shows.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Photo ID

So Gov. Doyle vetoed the photo ID bill practically in the dark of night (everyone knows you dump decisions you don't want media attention on at 5 p.m. Friday). Now, the Legislature has failed to override the veto. This is good for the Republican candidates for governor, but bad for election integrity in the state.

Doyle must not get how much this issue is resonating statewide. We hear it constantly on the campaign trail and not just in the Milwaukee area, either. Paul is a big supporter of photo ID. As AG he would make election integrity a PRIORITY. The Democrats keep trouncing out arguments against photo ID that have already been taken care of. For example, they say it will hurt poor people, but the bill would have allowed poor people to get free IDs, and so on.

BTW, there is an interesting article in this week's Time mag on photo ID measures nationally. In the past 2 weeks, says Time, Georgia and Indiana both signed photo ID bills into law. Seven states this year alone, including Arizona and Texas, have considered/are considering implementing photo IDs in voting.

MADD honors Paul

Paul is to get the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers "difference maker award" Saturday in Madison for being the key safety advocate in his community...

Paul has been very proactive on the issue of drunk driving and alcohol-related crashes. For example, several years ago he created a task force to deal with the problem that brings together various segments of the community, including representatives of local business, taverns, hospitals, schools, law enforcement, and so on.

You can learn more about PARC at http://www.parctaskforce.org/.