Friday, May 13, 2005

The guv's flip flop

So now Gov. Doyle is suddenly open to a proposal for requiring a Voter ID (sort of) at the polls. Three thoughts on this blatant flip-flop:

  • Like he did with the property tax freeze, Doyle is trying to take just enough of the Republican proposal to blunt voter anger in the gubernatorial race. He's also only supporting a very watered down proposal that doesn't accomplish enough. In other words, he's trying to have his cake and eat it too and he's hoping voters won't notice that the version he's supporting doesn't go far enough. After all, the proposal he's considering supporting would allow things without photos at the polls too - like utility bills.
  • How come the media only deride Republican politicians as flip-floppers (and unfairly so)? But when Dems flip blatantly they aren't called on it?
  • The Repubs continue to set the political agenda in the state as yet again Doyle is forced to acknowledge they are on the right side of the issues with citizens. He keeps trying to take the Repub playbook - without the meat.