Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Left and Criminals

Why is the Left so quick to play the violin strings for criminals? Shouldn't we feel sorry for the victims of heinous offenses, not the defendant who pulled the trigger? Paul fights for victims.

It's becoming obvious that the left's spinmeisters have decided that Paul is the front runner in this race and are threatened that they will lose the AG's seat to him because of his strong record as a prosecutor winning cases and because of his longtime visible position in the population base/media market of SE Wisconsin. Case in point: Fringe hardcore leftie Joel McNally recently wrote that he feels sorry for convicted cop killer Ted Oswald. No one was thrilled about the verdict except Paul, he writes.

Note to Joel: The list of other people thrilled with the verdict include the widow of the heroic police captain slain by Oswald in cold blood, the heroic police officers on Oak Street who endured a barrage of bullets from the Oswalds' guns, and pretty much the rest of the community. Ted Oswald admitted shooting Capt. Lutz in the head - executing him. Yes, he had a bad childhood, but so did pretty much every homicide defendant who ends up in court. As Paul said in his closing argument, the person who didn't have a choice that day was Capt. Lutz, who never even got his foot off the brake when he was ambushed.

This sort of mindset - turn the criminal into the victim - is pretty laughable and is expected from the left. But it's important only for one reason: It underscores why we need to get a Republican in the AG's office.