Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mention the drunk driving?

A local columnist raised questions about Paul raising the current AG's drunk driving incident in a fundraising call. Paul believes the current AG's behavior is a campaign issue (not only the drunk driving but the questions about the state car and how she handled the aftermath of the incident by refusing to take a blood test, etc.) because it speaks to leadership and integrity. As he said at the Republican convention, she sent a devestating message to all our kids when she chose to get behind the wheel of a state car and drink and drive. She mentioned in a press conference that a lot of people had said, "There but the grace of God go I", but that's not true. Drunk driving is a choice. She's the state's top cop and as a result needs to set a standard of leadership.

In addition, drunk driving has always been a big issue for Paul, something just recognized with a MADD award. As noted in an earlier posting, he helped form a task force to combat the problem back in 1998 because drunk driving is one of the biggest crime issues Waukesha County faces. He's also attended literally HUNDREDS of Dare graduations and created innovative programs in his office to deal with the problem. Paul has sat across the table from way too many grieving families who lost loved ones in drunk driving crashes to not take a stand on this now or to ignore it as an issue.