Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Photo ID

So Gov. Doyle vetoed the photo ID bill practically in the dark of night (everyone knows you dump decisions you don't want media attention on at 5 p.m. Friday). Now, the Legislature has failed to override the veto. This is good for the Republican candidates for governor, but bad for election integrity in the state.

Doyle must not get how much this issue is resonating statewide. We hear it constantly on the campaign trail and not just in the Milwaukee area, either. Paul is a big supporter of photo ID. As AG he would make election integrity a PRIORITY. The Democrats keep trouncing out arguments against photo ID that have already been taken care of. For example, they say it will hurt poor people, but the bill would have allowed poor people to get free IDs, and so on.

BTW, there is an interesting article in this week's Time mag on photo ID measures nationally. In the past 2 weeks, says Time, Georgia and Indiana both signed photo ID bills into law. Seven states this year alone, including Arizona and Texas, have considered/are considering implementing photo IDs in voting.