Monday, June 20, 2005

Democratic Logic

Isn't it funny how Democratic logic is pretty... well... illogical. Democrats argue that:

  • Democrats are always operating from a sense of goodwill or because they have strong beliefs... Republicans are always operating from ill intent, political motivation, hidden agendas, or religious "zealotry."
  • That means Democrats always really believe what they say but Republicans never do.
  • Democrats can get away with saying anything about Republicans (comparing them to Nazis, comparing Guantanamo Bay to a gulag, etc.) because they, the Democrats, are the "open-minded ones." But those darn Republicans are so divisive and mean-spirited.
  • Democrats are the party that believes in diversity, except when it comes to Republicans, the military or Christians.
  • Democrats say Republicans are stupid and bigoted, but the Democrats can't formulate more sophisticated arguments than ad hominem attacks calling people stupid and bigoted (note to Democrats and their media apologists: John Kerry's grades just came out and they were lower than the grades of guess who... you got it... Bush).
  • Democrats say the Republicans are the Party of Hate, and then proceed to call the president and everyone else associated with him names.
  • Democrats care about the disadvantaged, unless they are unborn.