Sunday, July 10, 2005

Busy Weekend

Paul had a busy week and weekend the past couple days. Highlights:

  • He attended a Walworth County Republican Party training session for Republican volunteers for the upcoming election. It was very successful. His daughter, Breanne, accompanied him. She is a pre-law student at Arizona State who is home for the summer. He picked up several volunteers.

  • Paul attended a Waukesha County SE Branch Club Republican Party picnic. He signed up some more volunteers and supporters.

    Paul's primary opponent publicly conceded at the event that Paul has more support in this part of the state than he does.

    That's a big concession, although it's something we've long known, because 43% of the GOP primary vote comes from the 4 county Milwaukee metro area. That means Paul is strategically positioned to win and to deliver the AG's office back to Republicans.

  • Paul gave out awards to special athletes, continuing his longstanding support of Special Olympics, at a Special Olympics softball tournament in New Berlin.

Oh, and he found time to work on his deck!!