Thursday, July 14, 2005

Lakeland Times

Read a front-page story that ran on Paul recently in the Lakeland Times newspaper of Minocqua.

Excerpts of Paul's remarks:

Handgun violence in the City of Milwaukee is absolutely out of control,” he said. “The wholesale slaughter that’s going on in the City of Milwaukee needs to be dealt with in an effective fashion. It’s not that the Department of Justice has to go in and take over the enforcement efforts in the city. That’s not their role. Their role is to have a presence in the city and to partner with current enforcement authorities.”

“It’s as if there was an intentional decision to allocate that enforcement effort to other agencies, most notably the United States Attorney in the eastern District, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department and the city’s police chief,” he said. “But they can’t do it on their own.”

Among other things, Bucher said, too many felons who should not be voting are voting and it has become too easy to commit voter fraud.

“It impacts all of us, because if you vote once and somebody else votes twice, your vote has been canceled,” he said. “Restoring that integrity, whether it is real – and in some cases it is – or whether it is perception needs to be dealt with, but the only time the current attorney general had any presence was this last election cycle when she sent out about a half dozen assistants to monitor polling places.”

It was a nice gesture, he said, but too little, too late.

The Waukesha prosecutor did point to one area in which he said Lautenschlager had made her presence felt and that was in pursuing an anti-business agenda.

“In business, for whatever reason, the attorney general’s office has taken the power and the resources, which are diminished because of significant fiscal issues, and it was designed to intentionally (pit) them against the business community,” he said.