Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Steve King

We're thrilled to have such a respected and prominent Conservative as Steve King chair Paul's campaign (announced by the campaign Monday). This is a man of enormous character and experience. He doesn't need much introduction. But nonetheless, here's his very impressive bio:

Steve King was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 4, 1941 and was raised in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated in 1963 from Western Illinois University with a bachelor of science degree in social science, then earned a masters degree in political science in 1966 from the same institution.

During 1963-67, King served three years as a social science teacher in Rushville, Illinois followed by a year as Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools in the same school district.

In 1967, he joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation. After training, he was assigned to Jackson, Mississippi to investigate civil rights violations. He investigated Ku Klux Klan activity and other racially motivated crimes, including homicide, arson, bombing and bank robbery.

He received three special commendations from then FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover for excellent performance.

King was transferred to Washington, D.C. in 1969. He resigned the FBI in 1970 to take a position as Legislative Assistant to Republican Senator Edward J. Gurney of Florida. As Gurney's representative on the U.S. Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, King became an investigator for the U. S. Senate.

He participated in the investigation of General Dynamics for cost overruns on the F-111 fighter/bomber. This resulted in resignations by top management at the company, as well as recommendations from the committee for improved military procurement procedures.

He also investigated black market corruption in Army-Air Force Exchanges in Vietnam. This results in the dishonorable discharge of a Sergeant Major who was, at the time, the highest ranking non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Army. Other investigations covered organized crime infiltration of labor unions in New York and loan shark operations in Boston.

In 1972 King was named Special Assistant to Earl Butz, the Secretary of Agriculture. For four years he traveled with the Secretary and served as liaison between USDA and the agriculture committees of both the House and Senate, assisting in legislation to help American farmers. The early to mid-70's proved to be one of the most prosperous times in U.S. farm history.

In 1976, King left Washington to become Director of Development at his alma mater Western Illinois University. But a year later, he decided to fulfill a lifelong dream to go into his own business.

He moved to Whitewater, Wisconsin as general manager of Carlson's Miniatures, a woodworking firm in Delavan, Wisconsin. Then in 1979, he became a part owner and manager of Tomah Products, a small chemical manufacturing company in Milton, Wisconsin. The company was sold to Exxon Chemical Company in 1984. In June, 1994, King led a management buy out of Tomah and since that time has served as owner, President and CEO of Tomah³ Products, Inc.

In 1980, King was elected to the Walworth County Board of Supervisors. He was re-elected in 1982 for two 2-year terms. Always active in Scouting, he received the District Award of Merit in 1982 from the Boy Scouts of America, the Silver Beaver in 1991 and the highest volunteer award given by the BSA, the Silver Antelope, in 2001. He remains active as an adult volunteer leader.

In 1985, after several years of work as a political volunteer, he was elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. His tenure as Chairman of the State GOP was marked by financial development, organization and membership growth, and political success. In 1986, U.S. Senator Robert W. Kasten, Jr. was re-elected. Governor Tommy Thompson, Lt. Gov. Scott McCallum and Attorney General Don Hanaway also won their first statewide offices in 1986. Then a year later, the Republicans won seven out of eight special elections.

On February 6, 1988 King resigned as Party Chairman to campaign for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination.

Being elected State Chairman was the culmination of a lifetime of Republican volunteer work, which started with membership in the College Young Republicans and as a precinct worker for the 1964 Goldwater campaign. Awarded highest Volunteer Awards (Bashford and Bovay) in 1996.

As a Wisconsin resident, King was a Reagan delegate to both the 1980 and 1984 Republican National Conventions, was a member of the 1984 National GOP Rules Committee and was one of 11 Wisconsin Presidential Electors in 1984. King has been a delegate to every Wisconsin State GOP convention since 1978. He was also a Bush delegate to the 2000 AND 2004RNC convention.

King lives in Janesville, WI with his wife, Karen. They celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary on June 1, 2004. They have three children. Kristen Robinson, nee King, is a mother and physical therapist, residing in Janesville, WI; Stephen, Jr., is employed at Tomah Products. Russell is also employed at Tomah Products in Milton, WI. The Kings worship at the Rock Prairie United Presbyterian Church in Janesville, WI.