Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mercure's investigation

Paul charged three men today for allegedly going to a house rented by Channel 4 in Milwaukee, thinking they were going to meet underage girls for sexual purposes. Investigative reporter John Mercure has publicly stated that he rented the house specifically in Waukesha County because of Paul's reputation as a tough prosecutor. Mercure previously rented a house in Milwaukee County and did a similar sting there but the Milwaukee County DA's office wouldn't issue charges against the men who showed up.

In the TV account tonight, Mercure stated:

Criminal charges were issued today. Indeed, they were serious penalties, felonies….

DA Paul Bucher said something we all agree on, hopefully this is a wake up call to parents...

Paul stated in the report that the cases will be difficult ones to prove in court (then again, Paul has never shied away from a case because it's difficult if bringing it to a jury is the right thing). But he stated that he analyzed the circumstances and the backgrounds of the individuals before making a decision on charges. Mercure pointed out that two of the men have allegedly fled the state. Said Paul, "If they flee, we'll pick them up in another jurisdiction... you can run but you will not be able to hide..."

This case is indicative of how Paul has always run his office. He holds people responsible for their misbehavior. Period. Read the story on the case in the Journal Sentinel.