Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wagner praises Paul

In a lengthy discussion Thursday about the John Mercure investigation into men who allegedly showed up at a house rented by Channel 4 thinking they were meeting up with teenage girls, Milwaukee talk radio show host Jeff Wagner strongly praised Paul. Paul issued felony charges against three of the men this week. The charges continue Paul's long standing practice of not shying away from tough cases when charging them is the right thing to do. Mercure had previously rented a house in Milwaukee County but no charges resulted from that County.

Wagner, a former Republican candidate for Attorney General himself and a former federal prosecutor, praised Paul as a true "law-and-order prosecutor." Wagner noted that Mercure made the right decision to rent the house in Waukesha County, saying that any person who would want to maximize the impact of charges would know to do so in Waukesha County because of Paul's strong reputation as an aggressive prosecutor who does the right thing.