Saturday, April 30, 2005

Double jeopardy claim tossed

Still nothing in the Journal Sentinel on the federal judge dismissing a double jeopardy claim filed by defendant Ted Oswald this week. The judge's decision found absolutely no wrongdoing by Paul. This decision was expected but should have been reported since the allegations were reported earlier. A state judge made the same decision this week and said that Paul was simply being a vigorous advocate for the state and to get a guilty verdict against the accused killer of a police officer. That's Paul's job, and he'll continue fighting for the safety of the community and to bring justice to victims.

You can, however, read a story in the Waukesha Freeman.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Paul Gets Wagner's #1 Right Stuff Award this week

Talk show host Jeff Wagner (620 AM - Milwaukee) just named Paul the recipient of his #1 Weekly Right Stuff Award. These awards are designed to recognize people who do the right thing in the community.

Wagner said he was giving Paul the #1 award for his handling of the Ted Oswald case, noting that two big decisions went Paul's way this week:

-Federal judge Lynn Adelman soundly rejected Oswald's double jeopardy motion against Paul (as did a state judge earlier in the week). Adelman and the state judge both said it had no merit.

-The state appeals court ruled that the state can use Oswald's past testimony, overruling a circuit judge.

Amazingly, the Journal Sentinel didn't report either of these developments, even though the paper has written many stories about Oswald's double jeopardy allegations, now soundly rejected.

Note: The paper retracted its false reporting this week that stated that Adelman overturned the case on judicial and prosecutorial error. This is totally false, as the paper admitted in a correction that ran Thursday. No court has overturned the case on prosecutorial error of any fashion - there has never been such a finding. It was overturned on judicial error only.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Paul was featured this week on Milwaukee's WMCS radio. Several Milwaukee TV stations also ran stories about Paul's interview, and it was mentioned in the newspaper.

WMCS is a prominent radio station with a predominant African-American listening audience.

Paul was born and raised in Milwaukee. He is defined in some people's minds with Waukesha County because of his long tenure there. And while that's true, he is also very familiar with the concerns and history of Milwaukee. He went to Pius high school, UW-Milwaukee, and Marquette University. His brother runs a theater in the city, etc. He has garnered very strong support in the Latino community in particular. A friend of ours called Paul a "blue-collar Republican" and that is really true. Paul is a self-made individual.


MJS had to run a correction regarding Paul in today's (4/28) paper. If you read yesterday's story on a case of Paul's, the Oswald case, make sure to read the correction in today's paper, on the back of the front page.

We don't mind fair criticism. We do mind it when people don't get the facts straight. But at least they corrected it right away.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Paul's wife

You can read the latest political column by Paul's wife Jessica at Charlie Sykes read it on the air this week. Jessica Bucher uses the pen name McBride - her maiden name - because people got used to the byline. Her column is about the increasing power of talk radio. We can really see that power play out on the campaign trail. We can't count how many times members of the GOP faithful have mentioned talk radio at Lincoln Days around the state.

It's a girl!

It's a girl!

Anne Catherine entered the world 4/23. She is 7 lbs 9 ou. and joins 3 brothers and one big sister!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Paul gets another award

Paul just was notified that he's receiving the Kids Day America Children's Empowerment Award!

The award is presented to "individuals who have clearly demonstrated their commitment and dedication to the children of Waukesha." It says, "We feel that you have exemplified the spirit of this award through your involvement with the DARE organizations, Child Fatality Review Team, Tobacco Free Coalition, PARC (Preventing Alcohol-Related Crashes task force), and Invest in Kids program."

Republican Dream Team

At the Kenosha County Lincoln Day dinner, Congressman Paul Ryan labeled the candidates for governor and attorney general as a Republican "dream team."

He's right. The Republicans have a slate of exciting candidates this year. It's the best chance we've had in years to take back both the governor's and AG seats.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Paul Gets an Award

I am really proud of Paul. He and his office received a state award this week for his office's crisis response unit. The award was presented by the current AG. This award really tells you a lot about who Paul is and what drives him - he really believes in being a voice for victims. That's what moves him and that's what he's most passionate about. It's why he has embraced tough prosecutions in the past that a lot of prosecutors might shy away from. His crisis response unit assists victims and others affected by tragedies by responding to scenes immediately. Most DA offices in the state don't have crisis response units. Paul has worked hard to make the justice system work more for victims.

(This posting was made by Jessica).

Our New Baby

It's official! Our new baby will be here by April 23. That's the date labor will be induced if the baby does not arrive by the due date of April 19. We don't know the gender.
  • If it's a girl, she will be named Anne Catherine, after Paul's deceased mother (Anne) and grandmother (Catherine). Paul's mother in particular was an incredibly strong force in his life. She raised six boys basically on her own.
  • If the baby is a boy, we are leaning toward Andrew William. The William is after Jessica's grandfather, a now 93-year-old blue collar gentleman who used to make maple syrup in the woods and instilled his love of reading in her.
We will let you know when the baby arrives.

The baby will join four siblings: Breanne, Tim, Chris, and Matty.

Meeting The Maestro

We met Karl Rove twice recently - at the Lincoln Day dinners for Waukesha County and Walworth/Rock counties. Here are some impressions:

  • Rove should run for office himself! He is a great stump speaker. Everyone knows he's a political genius but he has a personal charm on the stump that would make him a good candidate.
  • We got our picture taken with him.
  • He was most interesting when he provided personal anecdotes about the Bushes, like about how Laura would lie on the sofa pretending to read during campaign strategy talks when everyone knew she was taking in every single word!
  • His analysis of Wisconsin's presidential race was interesting. He correctly pointed out that Wisconsin, despite going for Kerry, actually helped give the election to Bush. The reason: In the waning days of the election, Kerry was spending his time and resources in Wisconsin, once a reliably blue state -- time and resources he might otherwise have been spending in Ohio and Florida.