Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Another Police Endorsement

The endorsements of the law enforcement officers who serve alongside Paul mean so much to him. Here is the most recent one, in a letter dated June 17, 2005.

BROOKFIELD POLICE ASSOCIATION ENDORSES PAUL FOR AG..................."Paul, you are a champion for justice and a seeker of the truth. You show compassion for victims of crimes and are a wealth of knowledge for all officers in the county. I know that when you are elected as Attorney General, you will restore Honesty and Integrity to the office. The members of the Brookfield Professional Police Association stand behind you." - Ronald Bethia, President, Brookfield Professional Police Association.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

One Democrat Finally Admits What All Republicans Know

Democratic Party spinmeister Bill Christofferson - who's worked for Doyle, among other prominent state Libs - finally has come out and admitted what all Republicans know about Dems, writing on his blog:

"I prefer to denigrate and demonize all religions equally..."

And he's proud of that? Oh, wait, that's right. The Democratic Party is the tolerant one that embraces diversity.


Today, as we were driving out of a downtown Milwaukee parking garage after an event, the parking attendant paused as he took Paul's parking stub and said, "You're Mr. Bucher, right?" Paul said, yes he was. "You do a great job," the man said. "I'll vote for you."

This kind of chance meeting with average citizens is common for Paul and it means a lot to him. His support is made up of this kind of man - an average citizen concerned about his or her community, who has watched Paul's career over the years through the media and who likes what Paul stands for. This happens a lot, especially in the Milwaukee metro area.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Democratic Logic

Isn't it funny how Democratic logic is pretty... well... illogical. Democrats argue that:

  • Democrats are always operating from a sense of goodwill or because they have strong beliefs... Republicans are always operating from ill intent, political motivation, hidden agendas, or religious "zealotry."
  • That means Democrats always really believe what they say but Republicans never do.
  • Democrats can get away with saying anything about Republicans (comparing them to Nazis, comparing Guantanamo Bay to a gulag, etc.) because they, the Democrats, are the "open-minded ones." But those darn Republicans are so divisive and mean-spirited.
  • Democrats are the party that believes in diversity, except when it comes to Republicans, the military or Christians.
  • Democrats say Republicans are stupid and bigoted, but the Democrats can't formulate more sophisticated arguments than ad hominem attacks calling people stupid and bigoted (note to Democrats and their media apologists: John Kerry's grades just came out and they were lower than the grades of guess who... you got it... Bush).
  • Democrats say the Republicans are the Party of Hate, and then proceed to call the president and everyone else associated with him names.
  • Democrats care about the disadvantaged, unless they are unborn.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dean's Scream Part Deux

You can tell a lot about a person by who their friends are. The current AG was the first AG in the country to endorse Howard Dean for president (Journal Sentinel, 12/13/03). She also served as Dean's campaign chair in Wisconsin (Wispolitics, 12/16/03). "What you see is what you get" she said about Dean. She even introduced Dean at an event by saying he has "restored the soul of the Democratic Party." ( 2/18/04)

We agree with President Bush, who said on the campaign trail that he considers the heart and soul of this country to be in small towns all across America.

Well, Dean continues to reveal his true colors. As National Democratic Party chairman, he's continued to make outlandish, divisive, and offensive comments. That's the "soul" of the Dem Party? For the sake of everyone in it, we hope not. Some examples from Dean's recent "open-mouth-insert-foot" run:
  • Dean: Republicans are "not very friendly to different kinds of people, they are a pretty monolithic party... it's pretty much a white, Christian party."
  • (um, Mr. Dean, which party was it again that named the first African-American secretary of state, the first African-American female secretary of state, the first Latino attorney general, etc... and which party was it again that tried to block the appointment of an honorable African-American federal judge, Janice Rogers Brown? It goes without saying that the Repub. Party is increasingly the home of Latinos, African Americans and so on, and the last election is proof because Repubs. increased their numbers in both categories. Also offensive in this statement is the implication that there's something wrong with holding Christian values. But wait - it's the Republicans who aren't friendly to different kinds of people, just the Dems, at least in Dean World. I guess to Dems like Dean "Christians" don't count as different kinds of people. Anyway, the GOP Party Chairman is Jewish.)
  • Dean told a group of progressives recently that Republicans "never made an honest living in their lives."
  • (No sarcastic comeback necessary).
  • Dean stated that Tom DeLay, House Majority Leader, should go back to Houston to serve his jail sentence.

(DeLay, of course, has not been convicted of any crime. Contrast this to Dean's infamous comment that Osama bin Laden should not be presumed guilty until a trial. So, I guess in Dean World, bin Laden deserves more respect and due process than the House Majority Leader? And, remind me again: This is the man the AG thinks has restored the soul of her party?)

Friday, June 03, 2005

Ronald Reagan

We saw a really powerful film about Ronald Reagan sponsored by the Fond du Lac Republican Party yesterday. It was IMPOSSIBLE to miss the analogies between Reagan and Bush. Among them:
  • Like Bush, Reagan was derided by liberals as an unintelligent simpleton (an amiable dunce). Why do liberals always call Republicans stupid rather than engaging them on ideas? People who can't win the war of ideas always reach for namecalling next. Well, this "simpleton" won the Cold War. It didn't just happen. Reagan and others in his administration were architects of a multiple-pronged strategy designed to do just that. And Bush is winning the war against Islamo-fascism, despite what the media would have us believe.
  • Like Bush, Reagan believed the world needed to see evil for what it was. While his predecessors busied themselves trying to "understand" the Soviet Union and "reach out" to it through detente, Reagan gave the world moral clarity. We couldn't win this great fight if we didn't call the enemy for what it was, he believed. Evil Empire.... Axis of Evil... there is a clear analogy.
  • Like Bush, Reagan believed that, as he said in the movie, freedom needed to go on the offensive.
  • Like Bush, Reagan believed that no one could win a Nuclear War. Thus, we had to take offensive action to prevent our enemies from getting to that point. What liberals just don't seem to understand is if we waited until Saddam (or those of his ilk) got nukes and became an imminent threat... it would be too late.
  • Like Bush, Reagan's predecessors allowed the enemy to grow in strength through appeasement. It's amazing how wrong liberals have consistently been on these issues. Regarding al-Qaeda, the USS Cole, the African bombings, Somalia... they all occurred on Clinton's watch and he did... pretty much nothing. Likewise, the Soviet Empire was on the offensive and was engaging in a major military buildup under the watch of presidents before Reagan.
  • Reagan understood that the Russians historically understood one thing: Strength. Bush understands that al-Qaeda understands one thing: Strength. It's been documented that bin Laden believed our retreat from Somalia demonstrated the true nature of American resolve and it emboldened him.
  • Like Bush, Reagan was reviled and second-guessed by the liberal establishment and the media and protestors. There were times his approval ratings sunk. How offensive it is that Amnesty International recently likened Guantanamo Bay to a gulag. This movie made it clear what gulags really were... and there is no comparison.
  • Like Bush, Reagan's policies were not always understood at the time. History will likely see Bush well, just as Reagan's derided Star Wars plan is now widely understood to have been key in the defeat of the Soviet Empire.
  • Like Bush, Reagan was not afraid to inject God into his speeches. He did not believe in moral relativism. This helped him to draw the line between good and evil that was so important in defining the terms of the Cold War.
  • Like Bush, Reagan did not stick his finger in the wind to see which way the wind was blowing. He followed up his words with action and they were consistent.
  • Like Bush, Reagan came to politics later in the game.
  • Like Bush, Reagan was accused of running up big deficits. But, without that military spending, we would not have won the Cold War.

The lesson for all politicians: Know what you believe and stick to it.